About Amin Apparel

A quality conscious company catering to the specific standards of its prestigious customers. We at AA ensure in providing best optimal manufacturing services of our products keeping in view the environmental as well as safety standards. Specializing in the denim garments market, A is not confined but capable to produce the product mix pertaining including work-wears for large manufacturing companies.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 & BSCI certified company with 200+ stitching machines operating through 3 independent stitching lines (capacity of producing 100k basic 5 pocket denim jeans per month) and over 250 employed skilled workforce.

Our Team

Faisal Amin
Atif Amin
Mr. Azhar Iqbal (Late)

Our Vision

To maximize customer’s satisfaction and business value


Our Mission

Gain profitability, building on sustainable growth with long term business proposition with all stakeholders

Pakistan Textile Sector at a Glance

Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products in Asia. This sector contributes 8.5% to the GDP and provides employment to 40% of industrial labour force.  Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of cotton with the third largest spinning capacity in Asia after China and India, and contributes 5% to the global spinning capacity. Export of cotton denim fabrics from Pakistan increased from 263 million sq. meters worth Rs 26.77 billion in 2010-11 to 320 million sq. meters worth Rs. 35.34 billion in 2011-12, thus showing an increase of 32% in terms of value.

Despite being 4th largest cotton producer in the world, Pakistan’s comparative advantage is marginalized by low value added exports as reflected in the country’s 12th rank in global textile exports by value.
Significant opportunities exist in setting up value addition units, such as apparel lines to build strong sector base.

The textile sector has primarily been outward looking i.e. export focused, however with rising quantity and quality of domestic consumption, the industry would need to expand capacity to meet local demand and thus provide investment opportunities.



A good strong first impression is essential to gaining new customers, what every business must do to succeed. The best first impression is to be professional by speaking clearly, using eye contact and by maintaining a professional look with proper attire. A well thought out work uniform that reinforces your brand strategy and where you sit in the marketplace is crucial. This is what will set your company apart from competitors in your market space.


Following from the initial first impression a branded uniform instils a sense of trust and credibility in the company and its abilities. Customers perceive employees who wear branded workwear take greater pride in their work and are therefore more capable of providing better products and services. Think about your experiences as a customer, have you been more likely to trust the advice of a professionally uniformed staff member assisting you? Surely if the company providing the service has taken the time to implement uniforms it also takes the time to train and develop its staff.

Employee Psychology

Employees work more professionally with when wearing branded work attire. It’s a psychological effect of wearing custom branded uniforms which make your employees feel they are the face of your business. This ultimately builds up trust in the relationship between your business and your customers.

Walking Advertisement

A work uniform is basically a walking advertisement for your business. Every person employees walk past outside of the company will see the uniform, company logo and company name. This helps to build brand awareness and company exposure.

Team Building

A key advantage in a company uniform is the staff morale and comradery. When people wear the same type of work clothing they feel they are part of a team. It instils a sense of belonging and pride in the job and company. Uniforms level the playing field and no matter where you sit in the chain of command you feel valued and a greater sense of team spirit.

Time Saving

Today everyone’s lives seem so much more hectic than with previous generations. We look to simplify areas of our life so we can fit more in! A branded uniform is one such way to do so. Where there is no uniform, management must implement a dress code, which means time spent on deciding what it is and enforcing it. For the staff, it means time spent shopping for an appropriate workwear wardrobe. A uniform means all team members know exactly what they are wearing each day and don’t waste time working out what to put on each morning.


  • Fabric Selection
  • Construction of fabric for complete lot.
  • Re-active dying.
  • Sourcing direct from top fabric mills.
  • Ensuring proper testing / quality procedures.
  • Sourcing from compliant fabric mills.
  • Garment stitching from export-oriented units.
  • Sizing database.
  • Ensuring washing/drying/press standards.
  • Alteration support if required.


  • Also delivered uniforms to Multinational Company Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited, NESTLE, Packages for their Workwear requirements with high quality
  • Currently providing uniforms to PepsiCo International.

Current Compliance Project – BSCI

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading supply chain management system that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within the factories.